Missione Skoaktiebolaget-Part 2

Many of you already know that at the Skoaktiebolaget Store you can find Carmina Shoes, Edward Green, Gaziano & Girling, Enzo Bonafé, and Sozzi accessories,  as well as Liverano & Liverano, Grange Craft, Skoaktiebolaget and Abbey Horn. The thing I really liked is that there is also the possibility of buying all these wonders from your home, while sitting on your couch. The Skoaktiebolaget online shop is as reliable and precise as a Swiss watch.

Usually many people ask me, which products Dandy Shoe Care uses to obtain such spectacular results. Of course I cannot reveal all my secret formulas … But I always try to explain that my real secret is not the product I use, but the skills of my hands and my ability to understand what shoes need. In any case, choosing products for the shoe care is a difficult and interesting question.

I was curious about the fact that Skoaktiebolaget relies on Burgol shoe care products, so I decided to test them. To be honest, the first time I opened a box of Burgol shoe polish I was quite disappointed. I found the cream having a texture that was too soft, maybe because summer in Italy can be very hot… But actually, after a little ‘practice, I fell in love with Burgol products. Their nourishing factors help leather to become beautiful and shiny, and shoes look really healthy. The cream penetrates deeply into the leather, and unlike the other products with high content of bees wax, it does not create a crust: this helps to maintain leather very elastic. Among an large amount of different colors of Burgol creams, you will surely find the one that perfectly suits the color of your shoes. In a nutshell, Burgol is a must-have brand in your kit for shoe care.

The choice of Skoaktiebolaget to use the Burgol products, once again confirms a great attention to every little detail that distinguishes this company from many others. Devil is in details, you know…